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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good little Americans

Today, like yesterday and the day before and the day before that, was hot. Too hot. It was too hot to be at the lake yesterday, what with water like a warm bath, and the pools are too sunny to be refreshing. Summer! Probably my least favorite season. If it weren't for the gardening...

So today we beat the heat like good little Americans by driving an hour to spend the day at the mall in the blessed A/C doing some Back to School shopping. My mother generously sent the kids some spending money, so Sebastian got to hone his math skills adding up his purchases. He did pretty well.

This is the jacket he insisted he needed which cost him 40% of his budget. (Sebastian seems to be loving the resurgence of the 80s bright colors). Dorian insisted on the robot hat. They also picked out some new shirts-- a robot one and a comic book word one for Sebastian, an alien one and a robot one for Dorian. They each got a pair of pants. And Sebastian got a new lunch box while Dorian got a backpack and underwear.

Jeremy and I weren't left out in all this consumption... he gets a new pair of jeans and I got some accessories and a sweater and a tank top.

Now I just have to wait a week and a half to ship them off to school...

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q said...

Sebastian can add male modeling to his skill set