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the children are short, the days are long

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Goodbye, top tier!

Sadly, tomorrow, Dustin and Cortney will be taking their kitties and hitting the road for 5 months. Five months without them is going to be very depressing. When Sebastian says "Papa J", who will "Woo!" back? Who will teach Dorian wonderful phrases like, "We got money!"? Who will encourage me to try on baby phat denim mini dresses and almost convince me to buy them? Who will stare expectantly at me for my reaction to some silly movie as I fall asleep on the couch? Who will indulge "the sickness"? Who will have a cheese party on the hottest day of the year (other than Rob and Quinn)? No one, that's who. At least until we find a suitable replacement. As if that would be possible.

I'll miss you guys.

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princess cortney said...

i had to wait to reply to this one until i could do it without crying. i still think us leaving was harder for us than ya'll. you guys at least still have rob and quinn and the boys. i got nothin'. only a moody tall one with a sick sense of humor and two perfect kitties. i guess it isn't all bad, but we miss you guys more than you know. we have to start over. but know that the west coast will make us tough (we'll be living closer to compton than you guys). so if you find any "top tier" replacements, we can beat them up.